domingo, outubro 16, 2016

When you have nothing, there is nothing to lose." (Bob Dylan)

When you have nothing, there is nothing to lose."
  (Bob Dylan)

My Dear read your mail, but the time we think we have not always the "go almost always fast," the days seem to have less than 24 hours, who would?
Having a local newspaper, or otherwise "sustain a vehicle of local news" is and will always be a huge challenge, and you have managed to give a sign that you are alive and it is recommended, it is also a sign of more experience, more knowledge, more knowledge, more sharing, more humanity to keep a "place" of active citizenship.
It is often said that we know that is not always what it seems is; but also should not forget that not always what is ... .it is what it seems. And, in fact, being a man like wine, like say Confucius, that time is sour or determine, in this case "as the wine is good, time will determined and improving", "a man is a success if jumps morning bed and go to sleep at night, and in the meantime, do what you love "thus fulfilling his plans for active participation in local life.
I am not, nor could be, as you say "angry", perhaps the right word that can give meaning to my "state" to put me next to that "are blowing in the wind", tired or disillusioned if ever such I spent as a "way of being" or rather always trying to make an effort not to be considered in the category of that as "a feel the rain, others just get wet."
We are led to believe the information as a public good in general people are uninformed or misinformed, not wanting or not knowing what has to be preserved the dissemination of free information, "no one is free, even the birds are bound to heaven" to we live in democracy, to "watch" leads us to the conclusion that "how many ears the man must have until it can hear the cry of the people?" and, next year are held local elections and a democratic vote is one vote well informed, given the current situation what is the advantage of asking them to vote? It is an important thing. It should be decided on the basis of information.
To be informed you need to want to know. And we need someone to work, "people do not do what they believe. They only do what is convenient, then, "repent for that information to be found, contextualized, questioned and commented, hence the great importance that can be performed by the local press.
But the truth is that most Portuguese do not think a newspaper worth the money from your coffee and pastel de nata, say that are the purpose of a cultural heritage of low literacy 'which is slow, will soon be very fast. Like the present, which will later be past. " All this is sad, all this is fado. The provincial fado that takes some of the victims of the neoliberal serve to defend, as their football team they were, that the gap should be wide, that millionaires must be protected from a crisis that must be paid for with cuts in wages and reforms and pensions, a crisis that these same millionaires helped create, with which obtained fabulous profits and pretexts to lower wages, retirement and pensions and worsen living conditions of more than 95% of Portuguese.
If I can opine understand that the current role of "commentators" (TV, radio, national newspapers) is similar to the feudal courtiers, advising you to change something but always in their interest, "whatever you are, you will never be . greater than yourself "your current dominant discourse does not go beyond what is allowed by the" masters "- the oligarchs - or get out of the themes promoted by the central (dis) information internationally. Exemplifying saw the reviews, contradictions, quibbling about applying "sanctions" by the EU would give a case study on the role of the media in the service of right. With the support of his cronies right instituted the lie as a political system, independent journalism and ethically professional was wiped off the Portuguese press, the precariousness and the mercenaries of "experts" / propagandists, such as resistance to this state of affairs still alive " local press "
It is in combat and active participation of citizens against the perception that the state is unable to fight the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few (or actively contributes to this concentration) desligitima the action of public authorities in the eyes of a significant portion of the population . The problem is that this creates a vicious circle, because the less confidence you have in the state, the harder it is to mobilize people for social reforms which should be put forward. That is why, "the best thing you can do for a person is to inspire it, a transformer government can not stop working on two fronts: better distribute resources without ever underestimate the importance of credibility in the eyes of citizens.
Armindo Bento
(Economist retired)

NOTE: The phrases in bold are Bob Dylan, because as surprising as timely, the award of the Nobel Literature Bob Dylan, "for creating a new poetic expression within the great American tradition of the song." A recognition that comes moreover in certain times of change needed, recovery of dignity (in many, many things). Before it gets too dark.

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