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"It will never be possible to overcome by law the lack of ethics of the people. If someone is not serious, it is a matter of time for it arise. " (Rui Rio former president of the Camara Municipal do Porto)

In a country such as Portugal, where the press is said "free" and the right to freedom of expression is a value that has consecrated in the Constitution, we are led to think that "we live in the best of all worlds" with clear citizenship exercise conditions and transparent, without the "feel" that an insidious practice of political propaganda is systematically introduced covertly daily and almost without exception the so-called "journalism" in "obedience" to their strategic light manipulation, and as regards the lack of plurality of opinion in consultation panels, inducing the public the wrong perception that there is only one solution to a given problem; either opinionated level with biased opinions that are presented as objective facts.
In fact, a time is less understandable because it is not followed the practice of other countries where this problem, which weakens our democracy, and whose responsibility can not be only assacada the political class, but also the media and justice, is controlled through public declaration of interests. That is, here it is not true, and information spaces are filled with opinadores who are supporters of certain parties - often are affiliated to these parties - but do not declare their political sensitivity.
 According think we know the deputies in Parliament, is preparing a new "transparency package in public life", and in public life can not be considered only political, but also, "the rulers, the owners of media outlets social and editors of these bodies, and those that affect what comes out, as out and out "who should be required to their declaration of interest.
 In a country where there is still a lot to do for political and economic literacy of citizens, this kind of political propaganda, disguised as independent journalism, is one of the greatest threats to our freedom and intellectual formation. This is a recipe for disaster, to the discredit of journalism. In the newspapers, the "television opinadores" insist on schizophrenic theory that workers should have fewer labor rights and lower wages because it is for their good. Economic indicators, we find that distributive inequality - the gap between the richest and poorest - and the standard of living of the Portuguese have progressively worsen. If you cut wages and rights were the solution to the country's economic situation, Portugal would now be living a dazzling prosperity. And yet, we know that this policy only brought more debt, more unemployment and more poverty. Paradoxically, now clearly we know that among economists, both in Portugal and abroad, is increasingly strong consensus around the fact that austerity was a colossal mistake and caused chronic stagnation in some countries and further compounded accounts other public, with very serious impact on the social and economic activity indicators of those States
But here, oddly or perhaps not, the Zés and Camilos this country insist: "This was going well and had to be cut even more." And when they are challenged, throw the letter of the victim, claim that they are being pressured and say Left deals poorly with freedom. The types that use its privileged role in economic journalism Portuguese to advertise the right are the same types who claim that the Left deals poorly with freedom. This is a bit like the football team who are unable to win a game, to complain that lost the game by poor refereeing.

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